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The Jewish Leadership Program is a unique Program established and sponsored by The Jewish Heritage Fund. The fund is sponsored by private donors and funds who share common goals of supporting Jewish youth, primarily of European origin. The fund offers generous scholarships to students who join the Leadership Program and maintain the program's requirements. The University is headed by Mr.Ronald S. Lauder (president), Prof. Rabbi Jacob Biderman (chairman), Alexander Zirkler (executive manager), Prof. (FH) Dr. Hanno Pöschl (director of graduate programs) and Prof. (FH) Mag. Julius Dem, MBA (director of the undergraduate program).

Our Mission

is that our students

Prepare to be tomorrow’s managers and executives

under the auspices of the LBS's academic programs
(Bachelor in International Business Administrations
& Master in International Management and Leadership)


Graduate with an EU-accredited academic degree

from a prestigious University of Applied Sciences in the heart of Europe


Acquire knowledge in Jewish Philosophy and Ethics

and receive a comprehensive business education


Experience a young, vibrant Jewish community

in an international student body


Practice Leadership. They will implement

in real-life business cases by participating in work-study programs

Our Target Group

The Jewish Leadership Program is a unique opportunity for students

•         with high academic motivation

•         with deep social concern

•         with Jewish origin by Halacha


One of the priorities of the Jewish Heritage Fund is to reach and support prospective students both from larger and smaller communities, and to offer equal opportunities for Jewish youth.